You might find your answer here, if not, feel free to visit the contact page and ask us your special question!

Q: Does it hurt?

A: People general agree that it feels like being pinged by an elastic band.  You will have a full face mask covering your eyes, nose, mouth and ears so no pain in these areas.

Q: All the different types of activities confuse me, where should I start?

A: See our information page here for explanations of the different experiences, A good place to start is standard hopper fed paintball.  You don’t have to reload and you play in the massive main arena.  Our staff will be happy to talk to you about other game modes when you arrive.

Q: What type of clothes should I wear to play indoor paintball?

A: Any type of paintball is messy play, including the indoor variety.  You will be provided with a jumpsuit to protect your clothes, you might want to pack some older, functional footwear for use in the games, if you are going somewhere nice afterwards.

Q: I’m confused, why do I pay part online and the rest when I get there?

A: The deposit confirms your slot, so we know who is coming.  This allows us to manage the size of groups, which in turn makes the experience more fun.  You decide what ammo package to buy when you get here, many people enjoy themselves with 300 paintballs for the whole experience, however, some people like to simulate 80’s action movies…