Here at District 23 we are passionate about you having a really great time. To that end, we offer a range of different experiences designed to cater to all age groups and tastes.  Broadly speaking we offer Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf sessions.

Paintball comes in three different types. Standard, Hardcore and Young Guns;

  • Standard Paintball Sessions– Standard paintball uses top fed hoppers, these hold more paintballs and are easier to use in game.  Great if you want some quick fun and a large ammo clip size. We recommend you try this before hardcore…
  • Hardcore Magazine Fed Sessions- Hardcore uses realistic magazine clips to hold realistic numbers of paintballs.  This combined with limited magazines, makes games more tactical and tense.

Airsoft- Airsoft is a hobbyist pastime similar to paintball, except instead of paintballs, small plastic BBs are used.  We currently offer this activity as a ‘walk on’. A walk on is where you bring your own equipment and usually organise smaller, more tactical games with a group of friends. BBs are purchased from our Quatermaster on site.

Nerftown- The Next Level in Nerf!
Have u got what it takes to survive Nerftown?
For ages 6 and up – grown ups you too can take on the might of Nerftown! Join in on our walk-in sessions, book an awesome party, or hire the whole arena for a private function.