Welcome to District 23 Paintball


Paintball comes in three different types. Standard, Hardcore Magfed and Young Guns;

Standard paintball: Standard paintball use top fed hoppers. These hold more paintballs and are easier to use in game. Great if you want some quick fun and a large ammo clip size.

Hardcore Magazine Fed: ‘Magfed’ uses realistic ammo magazines to hold a limited number of paintballs. This combined with limited magazines, makes the games much more tactical and tense.

Young Guns: Using our Magfed guns to replicate gameplay from Call of Duty style console games. This is available from age 12 up to 16 years old, which lets younger people enjoy the experience with others of a similar age and skill level.

*Walk ons – for those already immersed in the world of paintball we hold Walk ons on the 1st and 3rd Friday evenings of each month and on the 2nd and 4th

Prices are as follows:

Hopper Fed (standard)


£10 including equipment hire and 100 paintballs

£20 including equipment hire and 300 paintballs

£30 including equipment hire and 500 paintballs


Mag Fed (3 hour session)


£25 including equipment hire and all* the paintballs you will need for the session

*At the start of each game all players are given 4 magazines; each “mag” holds up to 20 paintballs.

We aim to give you 7 – 8 games during your visit.

Everything you need is included within this package (Marker, overalls and tactical belt) with no hidden extra costs.