shieldIMPORTANT: Everyone must complete a waiver form before the fun can begin.  You can fill them out when you get here, but to maximize your game time we advise you to print and complete them beforehand.  Each adult (over 16) needs this one, each child (under 16) needs this one.

Below is our pricing.  We offer different ways of paying to cater to the different types of players.

Standard paintball sessions- You book these online and pay for your ammo when you arrive.  This is the standard type of paintball played in the UK.  You will be using hoppers, which holds lots of ammo and let you focus on just having fun. Our prices are very competitive, particularly on our 300 ball package.

Magfed Paintball Session- You pay online and get 20 full magazines included in this price. For most people this is enough, however we do offer extras for the trigger happy 🙂 Magfed is more tactical as you have to manage your ammo and replace magazines, feels more authentic.


Prices and Packages coming soon! – Sorry for any inconvenience caused – District 23