Airsoft is the next evolution of tactical combat simulations from Airsoft. Instead of firing balls of paint at each other, airsoft weapons fire small, 6mm round plastic ball bearings referred to as BB’s. Airsoft is suitable for age 12 years and up. All under 18s must wear full face protection.

Airsoft is more intense in our CQB Arena

Airsoft Walk-on

  • £20 per person for a 90 minutes session. Includes rental gun (M4 variant), mask. Overalls and 1000 bbs. Minimum group size 10 players, maximum 25 players.


Walk-on events for own Gunners

We also run a weekly Airsoft Walkon every Wednesday evening and host Walkon events on Sundays*
*We alternate between a morning start or an afternoon start on Sundays.

We also have Rental equipment but in limited numbers. So if you want to come and have a go but don’t have the gear, please get in touch and ask to reserve yours!

Prices are as follows:

Skirmish every evening Wednesday and Friday 6:00pm – 10:00pm. Doors open at 5pm.


  • £18 game fee
  • £10 for rental (rental includes M4 RIF, overalls, and 1000 BBs)

Sunday Game Day Own Gunners 9:00am – 14:00pm or Skirmish 15:00pm – 20:00pm

  • £18 game fee
  • £10 additionl for rental gear if you don’t bring your own (rental includes M4 RIF, overalls and 1000 BBs)

Special events may run at different times and be priced differently.

Airsoft Membership

Joining – £60 monthly membership or £600 for the year at District 23.


  • M4 RIF Variant rentals available, please book in advance to avoid disappointment – £10

Using membership and session payments:
To secure a spot you must let us know via D23’s Airsoft Facebook group 3 days before the walk on occurs. You can still turn up without doing so, but priority will be given to booked members and customers in the event of the event being fully booked.

Members pay on arrival for walk-ons.

Airsoft Own Gunners